World Wildlife Fund

WWF has been involved in species conservation and addressing the threats to wildlife since the 1960s. More recently we work closely with rural communities who live near to major wildlife areas. By empowering people who might otherwise be open to exploitation, we enable the community to benefit from – and value – wildlife, alive rather than dead. In all we do, we take a holistic approach towards ensuring that wildlife is valued by people and able to thrive within functioning well-managed landscapes.


Since 1961, World Wildlife Fund (WWF Thailand) has worked on more than 12,000 conservation projects to maintain and create a sustainable coexistence between humans and nature. WWF has grown to be the most comprehensive conservation organization. in the world.

Our mission is to preserve the world’s biological diversity.

Our work

WWF-Thailand Has a mission to conserve natural resources From oceans, land resources, wildlife conservation, sustainable consumption, stopping climate change. and management of freshwater resources.

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