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Hon Chuan Company was founded in 1969 and established “Taifeng Industrial Co., Ltd.” in Changhua City. After reviewing its establishment, it has undergone a second migration and moved to Xiushui Township, Changhua City in 1978. It was renamed “Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.”; Later, due to the expansion of operational production, the Company moved to Taichung Industrial Park in 1988 and began to settle down. Over the years, the Company has gradually laid the foundation for operations in Taiwan and actively expanded its overseas bases. In consideration of the development needs of the enterprise, Hon Chuan planned to operate the global headquarters building in 2009. Its exterior is designed in the shape of the world ’s largest bottle with glass curtain wall and lights, which is spectacular and unique. In 2010, the construction of the second-floor underground, the 11th floor above ground, and the building with a height of 50 meters. The total construction area was 14,658 square meters (about 4,434 square meters).After the establishment of this operational headquarters building, we will continue to uphold the Corporate Purpose of ” Business Reputation, Employee Welfare, and Society Charity “, show the determination to take root in this land, and develop sustainably. We look forward to Taiwan Hon Chuan Group’s permanent stability and everlasting foundation.

Prospect: Dominate the global market in beverage packaging.


  • Established the Second Phase of the Hon Chuan Free Trade Plant at Port of Taichung Free Trade Zone to build a cold chain warehousing logistic center.
  • Set up Chuzhou 2nd plant in Anhui, China, to invest beverage packaging production line.
  • Bought land located in the KIIC industrial park at Karawang Regency, Indonesia, to build KIIC factory and invest beverage filling and beverage packaging production lines.
  • Set up the 2nd aseptic beverage filling production line at the Zhangzhou plant in Fujian, China.
  • Established Hon Chuan Enterprise Packing (Quzhou) Co., Ltd. in  Zhejiang, China, to invest beverage packaging production line.


  • Set up Hon Chuan Office in Japan.
  • Established Hon Chuan Free Trade Plant at Port of Taichung Free Trade Zone to invest preform production line for export market.


  • Set up the 4th aseptic beverage filling production line at the 3rd aseptic beverage filling plant.
  • Set up the 2nd aseptic beverage filling production line at the Indonesia Surabaya Aseptic Filling Plant.
  • Established a In-house aseptic beverage filling production line with Sosro Company in Indonesia.
  • Established a In-house seasoning packaging production line with the biggest seasoning company in China at its Guangdong Foshan Plant.
  • Received “Harvard Business Review’s top 100 best-performing CEOs”


  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Vietnam Masan in Vietnam.
  • Established Hon Chuan (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. in Cambodia to invest preform production line.


  • Awarded for “Innovative Packaging Design – Gold and Bronze Medal Award”, respectively, in annual innovative products assessment from Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.
  • The president, Mr. Tsao, Hsih-Chung, received an Award of Special Contribution in Food Industry from Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology.


  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Tensai Company in Thailand.
  • Established Honhua Holdings Co., Ltd. in Myanmar to invest bottle water production line.
  • Established Hon Chuan Enterprise Packing (Luohe) Co., Ltd. in Henan, China to invest bottle water production line.


  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with KH Company in Myanmar.
  • Invested Hon Shi (Samoa) Holding to manufacture and sell beverage packaging material in Mozembique and develop Africa market.


  • Built up automated warehouse at Taichung headquarters and Taichung 2nd Aseptic beverage filling Plant.
  • Established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Foodstar Company in Thailand.


  • Set up aseptic filling beverage (In House) plant in Xiantao, Hubei, China.
  • Set up Aseptic filling plant in Surabaya in Indonesia.
  • Started a joint venture, Honly plant, with the local beverage producer in Cambodia.
  • Awarded of “Occupational safety Investment” in Traditional Industries by Ministry of Labor, R.O.C.


  • Received recognition from the Industrial Development Bureau.
  • Awarded SGS ISO-9001 certificate for International Quality of Assurance System and Quality of Sustainability Award.
  • Set up the 3nd aseptic filling beverage plant in Taichung.
  • Set up Chuzhou (In House) plant in Anhui, China.
  • Set up Hon Chuan Myanmar plant.


  • Built aseptic filling beverage plant in Zhangzhou, China.


  • Set up In-house plastic cap production line at Jing Mai Liang Company in China.
  • Built Malaysia plant to produce plastic cap and preform for supplying local market; also, established In-house blowing bottle plant to cooperate with Cocoland Company in Malaysia.
  • Received a certificate of international OHSAS 18001 & TOSHMS and  Occupational safety and health management by Council of Labor Affairs in Taiwan.
  • Set up the 2nd aseptic beverage filling plant in Taichung Export Processing Zone, to offer filling OEM service.
  • The president, Mr. Tsao, Hsih-Chung, received an Award of “Entrepreneurship Model and Excellent Achievement”.
  • Received an Award of “Excellent Social Responsibility Award” for Outstanding Coca-Cola Supplier among Greater China.


  • Established HeySong Chungli (In-house) Plant and Kuang Chuan Jiayi (In-house) Plant.
  • Established Hon Chuan Indonesia Futami (In house) Plant.
  • Established Xian Coca Cola (In house) plant to provide preforms and water OEM service.
  • Established Kunming (In house) plant and Lanzhou (In house) plant for Pepsi China.
  • Won the 20th National Quality Award as recognition for Hon Chuan’s high product quality and excellent operational management.


  • Set up Qingxin Hon Chuan at Guangdon, China to provide caps, preforms and beverage OEM service.
  • Built Tainan plant to provide beverage OEM service for Coke Cola.


  • Set up PET blowing production lines at Coke Cola, Taoyuan plant (In House) and Chen Kou Wei, Long Cyuan plant (In House).


  • Established “Hon Chuan (Vietnam) Ltd.” through “Hon Chuan (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd.,” to produce beverage packaging.


  • Set up 4 mineral water production lines in Suzhou Hongxing, Changsha Hon Chuan, Jinan Hon Chuan and Taiyuan Hon Chuan.
  • Established Taichung 1st Aseptic Filling Plant at Chungkang Export Processing Zone for aseptic co-packing business.


  • Set up Ningbo Hon Chuan to manufacture battery casing and accurate electronic parts.


  • Set up In-house Bottling Lines at Uni-President, Yang Mei Plant and Uni-President, Rui Fang Plant.
  • Incorporated “Hon Chuan (Asia) Holdings Co., Ltd.,” which invested Hon Chuan (Thailand) plant, Hon Chuan FD plant, Hon Chuan (Indonesia) plant to explore South-east Asia Market.
  • Established headquarters in Taiwan, China and South-east Asia.


  • Established “Hon Chuan (China) Holdings Co., Ltd.” under which subsidiaries in Suzhou, Changsha, Taiyuan and Jinan were set up to tap into Great China market.


  • Acquired the shares of Suzhou Hon Chuan to develop Great China market.
  • Received a certificate of SGS ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Assurance System.


  • Shares were public listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange on March 2.
  • Set up an Anti-static film equipment to produce Anti-static film, which was certified by a domestic company TFT-LCD.
  • Awarded of “Outstanding Industry” by National Industry Award.


  • Expanded the plants, and invested in producing heat-tolerance crystallized PET bottle to combine with the Company’s caps and labels, and offer the customers a one-stop packaging shopping service.
  • The Company’s IPO was approved by Taiwan Stock Exchange and Ministry of Finance, R.O.C.


  • Renamed as “Taiwan Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.” to strive for international business.


  • Set up an electronic component packaging plant, to produce battery casing and accurate electronic parts.


  • The quality of plastic cap was certified and recognized by International Coca Cola company, and THC became the unique supplier in Taiwan which won this award.
  • Received a certificate of ISO 9002 International Quality Assurance System.


  • Won a series of awards including “Outstanding Management”,” Product Development”,” Exportation” and “Industry Automation” from R.O.C Packaging Association.
  • The quality of plastic cap was certified and recognized by International Pepsi Cola company, and THC was delegated to produce and supply its bottle plants.


  • Imported the manufacturing technology and equipment of multi-layer hot shrinkable film from Europe; concurrently, imported aboard the advanced technology and production facility of plastic cap.
  • Invested in Pull ring cap equipment, for the use of 100% Juice and functional drinks.


  • Started to produce Aluminum cap specifically for deluxe wine by importing automatic long-neck wine cap production equipment from Europe.


  • Acquired Taichung 2nd Plant. Started to develop Pull ring cap, Long-neck aluminum cap, Plastic cap, Printing equipment and purchased a set of equipment to produce security bottom metal lug cap.


  • Renamed as Hon Chuan Metal Development Co., Ltd. By introducing High-speed Aluminum Cap Machine from Italy and Gravure Machine from UK, Hon Chuan became the largest closure manufacturer in Taiwan.
  • Awarded of “Golden Dragon Award in National Precise Machinery”.
  • Added Metal Lug Cap with Safety Button into product line by introducing UK advanced equipment and technology.


  • Tsao, Hsih-Chung, CEO, was awarded for 13th Model of Entrepreneurs Prize.


  • Moved into Taichung Industrial Park to further expand production.


  • Acquired land and factory in Taichung Industrial Park.


  • Became a certified supplier of Aluminum caps and Labels in Taiwan for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, 7-up and other international beverage companies.


  • Expanded product lines to include Aluminum closures, Colored shrinkable labels.


  • Moved to Shiou Shuei, Changhua County due to continued expansion, and was renamed as Hon Chuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.


  •  “Hon Chuan Industrial Limited Company“ with capital of NTD$ 600,000 was established in Changhua City.

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