K.G. Corporation Co., Ltd.

KG Solar is a solar cell installation company. The only company in Thailand with long experience in electrical system engineering.

With more than 35 years of experience in engineering systems, more than 10 years of solar cell systems, and design services. Install solar cells Is an expert in maintenance of electrical systems and air conditioning systems. Utilities systems for large projects and is a leader in rooftop solar systems They have designed and installed more than 70 MW of systems.

Vision (Our vision)

We are committed to being the leader in providing complete services for solar energy systems. in Southeast Asia.

K.G. Corporation Want to be a source of inspiration for Thailand and other countries. As Southeast Asia moves towards clean, sustainable energy production and consumption, we believe that our world is getting smarter, but our energy production and use are not getting smarter. We therefore want to be the driving force at this point. We want to provide an alternative for businesses and homes to switch to clean energy while saving money at the same time.

Mission (Our mission)

We are experts in complete solar cell solutions. that helps our customers have a better quality of life Save more on electricity costs. By using a quality solar cell system Meets international standards As well as participating in the use of clean energy, Green energy, reducing carbon dioxide pollution. Be confident in after-sales care that will give you peace of mind throughout the use of solar cells.

Our parent company – K.G. Corporation

K.G. Corporation is one of the leaders in electrical and mechanical systems in Thailand. With over 35 years of experience in Southeast Asia We provide complete services from design, installation, maintenance and are also the first system engineering company to receive international quality management system certification. It covers solar power generation systems and energy management. Our customers are the country’s leading companies in a variety of industries, from hotels, hospitals, department stores. Housing development, factory, subway and many others

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6 Soi Rewadee7, Talardkwan, Muangnonthaburi, Nonthaburi 11000

Contact Person : K. Narongsak

Postion : Recruitment Office

Email : narongsak.t@kgcorp.com