Internship Opportunity at Fourth Valley Concierge

A global recruiting agent, based in Tokyo/Japan, supporting candidates all over the world to get a job in Japan.

The purpose of this program is to strengthen Japanese companies’ systems for overseas expansion by accepting foreign students as interns at small and medium-sized companies. Furthermore, it will create opportunities for interns from developing countries to learn about overseas business strategies and various technologies and specialized skills.
We will provide full support for the smooth implementation of the internship program to produce future global leaders not only in Japan but also in their home countries and around the world.

Available: An internship program sponsored by METI

You can gain business skills
Get involved in various aspects of business
Ex: Web development, overseas market research, new business launches, product development for expanding to overseas markets, translation, etc.

For future career in Japan!
Through participation in internships and seminars, we will provide you with the information and tips necessary to find a job in Japan.

No need to prepare
Our office will arrange equipment (such as computers) necessary for the internship.
*Check our website for details on the assistance we provide.

Outline of Internship
・Internship slots: 200 total
・Internship Period: 31st Oct – 9th Dec, 2022 or 7th Nov – 16th Dec, 2022
・About Participating Companies: We will send you a list of companies to choose from.
All the travel expenses are fully covered by the sponsor.

METI: Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry hold this program especially for students from developing countries. You can have actual work-experience in Japan during your winter break! Also, they will pay you the expenses during your stay in Japan (flight, accommodation, visa, transportation and food expenses)!


・Those who are students in an university in Japan/Overseas

・Japanese Language Proficiency (JLPT N3/above)or English Language Proficiency

・Those who have not participated in this project from FY 2016 to FY 2021

How to Apply

Application Flow:

Apply for the Program– > Choose a Company– > (Online Pre-Interview) — > Interview with a Company

Apply from here:

At a glance

Company: Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation

Deadline : 09/30/2022

Duration : 40 days

Allowance: Paid

Target Field :

No specific field of study

Location : Japan

About Company

Phone: +81-50-1746-5183


Email :