Software Engineer // Software Developer // Programmer

Our Codiums

  • Embody 5 key skills: programming, UX/UI design, client-facing, pride, and humor
  • Age 21-30 preferred
  • All nationalities welcomed. Work permit granted after passing probation
  • Both female and male welcomed

Work Ethos

  • Possess can-do attitude with self-initiative
  • Being called upon at 2AM because your project is in trouble doesn’t bother you because you take pride in what you do (though as a team, we rarely let it happen)
  • Discipline is a necessity
  • Writing bad code must bother you

The Engineering Mind

  • The “engineer” mindset: objective-driven, problem solving, logical, structured thinking, and creative
  • GitHub/BitBucket account with projects you’ve built with your own hands to back it up
  • If you have a hands-on experience with any of the following keywords, we will give you a special consideration (because it’s what we do and use): Functional programming, Event-driven architecture, macOS, TypeScript, AngularJS, Git, GitHub, Redis, PostgreSQL, Kotlin, Swift, AWS, Qt, C++14, Webpack, Sass, Python 3, Docker, Bootstrap, ZeroMQ, Protobuf, C#, Vagrant, Django, UX/UI, BDD, NGINX, Ubuntu, Continuous Integration and Deployment
At a glance

Company: Codium

Posted Date: 11/06/2018

Deadline Date: 12/15/2018

Target Field :

No specific field of study

Employment Type : Full Time

Location : Bangkok, Thailand

About Company

Phone: 02 612 3838


Email :

How to Apply

Contact using the following details:

02 612 3838