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Sustainable Fish Asia Local Capacity Development Activity (SUFIA) Graphic Designer for the Private Sector Landscape Assessment Report

1. Introduction/Background

The purpose of the USAID Sustainable Fish Asia Local Capacity Development Activity Task Order (TO) is to facilitate the organizational capacity development of two regional apex organizations, the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI-CFF) and the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (SEAFDEC); facilitate and document project co-creation between these two organizations and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), leading to USAID-issuance of a Public International Organization (PIO) grant to each organization; and develop a regional Private Sector Landscape Assessment (PSLA) report.

2. Scope of Work

The graphic designer will work with SUFIA’s Private Sector Engagement Specialist to develop a series of graphics for the Private Sector Landscape Assessment (PSLA) report.

Qualifications: At least five years of professional experience and preferable with experience with USAID projects. Please submit a portfolio highlighting past work with your application (submissions without a portfolio will not be considered).

3. Period of Performance

The period of performance of this consultancy is between August 1 – September 31, 2021, with a maximum of 14 days of work. All work must be completed within this timeframe. Any modifications or extensions shall be requested through RTI SUFIA’s Project Manager for review and discussion.

4. Place of Performance

Work can be conducted off-site with meetings online and via in-person meetings in Bangkok (depending on pandemic and RTI’s protocols), Thailand at RTI International’s office in 208 Building on Wireless Road.

5. Work Requirements

As part of the SUFIA Local Capacity Development Activity, the graphic designer shall be responsible for attending meetings and the development of at least 20 graphics for the PSLA report:

  1. 14 Country Profile Graphic – Infographic style highlighting key industry information.
  2. 1 Graphic explaining Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) fishing.
  3. 1 Graphic explaining the seafood supply chain and its complexities.
  4. 1 Graphic depicting private sector or multi-stakeholder initiatives.
  5. 1 Graphic depicting trust and partnerships.
  6. 1 Graphic depicting blue economy and sustainable fisheries management.
  7. 1 Graphic depicting unity, urgency, and political will.

Meetings: the graphic designer will be asked to attend an induction meeting (early August – TBC for 1 hour maximum) and short weekly check-in meetings (TBC – 15 – 30 minutes maximum).

6. Schedule/Milestones/Deliverables

Deliverables Date* Estimated LOE (Days)**
  1. First draft of all graphics
Friday, August 13, 2021 10 days
  1. Final version of all graphics
Friday, August 20, 2021 4 days
Total 14 days

*These dates are tentative, but all work must be completed by August 30, 2021.

**1 Day = 8 hours; similarly, the estimated LOE is flexible if graphic designer needs more time for revisions, but it must not exceed 14 days total.

7. Acceptance Criteria

The Acceptance of all deliverables will reside with RTI SUFIA Private Sector Engagement Specialist (PSES) and SUFIA Project Advisor. Once a deliverable has been submitted, the PSES will review and sign off on the approval.

Once the consultancy period is near completion, the graphic designer will provide all the deliverables during this stage as stated above in Section 5 and 6 to the PSES. The acceptance of these deliverables by the PSES will acknowledge acceptance of all deliverables and that the graphic designer has meet all assigned tasks.

Any discrepancies involving completion of project tasks or disagreement between SUFIA’s PSES and the chosen graphic designer will be referred to RTI’s Asia Regional Office and the RTI Home Office for review and discussion.

8. Other Requirements


The graphic designer should communicate directly with SUFIA’s Private Sector Engagement Specialist for all matters relating to the work and there will be a 15 – 30 minutes weekly online meeting (date and time to be determined later).


The graphic designer will use their own computer, graphic software, and all related equipment to complete the work. In addition, if there is to be any travel, the graphic designer is responsible for arranging their own travel arrangements to travel to any in-person meetings in Bangkok and use their own computer and other IT equipment to complete the work.


The SUFIA’s Private Sector Engagement Specialists in Bangkok, Thailand will provide technical oversight and be your main contact point, and to whom deliverables will be submitted.

Submission Requirements

  • Capability Statement and Portfolio: Applicants should indicate their capacity to provide the services and specify which technical expertise they would like to be considered for shortlisting. This information should include past verified performance of similar assignments undertaken and include a contact person for reference (we are not expecting actual reference but only a contact name, e-mail address and phone number of the person that can provide reference). This capability statement should not exceed 2 pages. Anything more than 2 pages will not be reviewed. In addition, please submit a portfolio highlighting past work with your application (submissions without one will not be considered).
  • Professional CV
  • Applicants must submit copies of the following:
    • Personal ID Card/passport info page
    • Educational degree certificates
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Company: Research Triangle Institute (RTI)

Posted Date: 07/21/2021

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  • Closing date is Friday, July 30, 2021
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  • Applicants should indicate the reference number on the subject line of their email as follows: “SUFIA – 2021 – Graphic Designer for the Private Sector Landscape Assessment Report”