Technical support

Technical support for a review of the commercial landscape for processed foods, EAPRO, Bangkok, Thailand

Work Assignment:

Under the supervision of UNICEF EAPRO Nutrition Section:

  1. Review the structure and content of Euromonitor reports and the scope of data included.
  2. Develop and document a robust method for the review to:
    • Identify a set of processed products (food and beverages) and complementary foods commonly consumed by children and adolescents in each country that will be included in the review.
    • Develop clear definitions for each product based on the definitions used by Euromonitor International.
    • Set a time period to be covered by the review.
    • Identify the market information that will be reviewed. For each company and each product, these are likely to include:
    • business model
    • market share
    • market growth rate
    • top brand names for each product
    • product pricing
    • product marketing budget
    • any other relevant information
  3.  Create an excel database in which to collate the data.
  4. Conduct a detailed review of the Euromonitor International reports and collate the relevant data in the excel database. This should include qualitative reports.

End Product:

Prepare short profiles (2 page) for each country with key data for the different products.

How to Apply

Interested individuals are requested to submit application letter and CV no later than 16 July 2019.

Please follow the link below for more details and to apply for the internship.

At a glance

Company: UNICEF

Deadline : 07/16/2019

Duration : 4 months

Allowance: Not Paid

Target Field :

No specific field of study

Location : Thailand

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