Technical support

Technical support for a landscape analysis of complementary feeding and maternal nutrition in ASEAN countries, EAPRO, Bangkok, Thailand

Work Assignment:

Under the supervision of UNICEF EAPRO Nutrition Section:

  • Become familiar with the guidance notes and templates in order to understand the breadth of the information required in each file.
  • Check all data for accuracy, remove unnecessary data, and update with the latest survey data in the case that new data are available.
  • Check all references for accuracy and that hyperlinks are working.
  • Identify missing information.
  • Conduct an on-line search for relevant background studies/reports/documents where this may not have been fully conducted in some countries.

End Product:

  • Final landscape analyses folders for complementary feeding and maternal nutrition for six RISING countries.

How to Apply

Interested individuals are requested to submit application letter and CV no later than 16 July 2019.

Please follow the link below for more details and to apply for the internship

At a glance

Company: UNICEF

Deadline : 07/16/2019

Duration : 3 months

Allowance: Not Paid

Target Field :

No specific field of study

Location : Thailand

About Company

Phone: +66 2 356 9218


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