IVL International Internship Recruitment of 2023

IVL International Internship Programme aims to provide international students the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical foundation through practical experience. The program fosters the development of an understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. Interns are encouraged to think outside the box, be
creative and innovative with the mindset of good governance. They will be the future driving force behind the host country’s development and can become the potential talents of IVL.

International Internship fundamental concepts include;

  • Developing intentional learning objective goals that are structured into the experience and supervised by a professional with a relevant and related background in the field
    Promoting academic, career, and personal development
  • Learning objectives, observation, reflection, and evaluation
  • Balancing the intern’s learning goals with the organization’s needs
  • Tentative of three months internship time frame
  • Involving industry-related and soft skills development
  • Possibility of monitoring and evaluating for students’ academic credit
  • Providing adequate supervision in a controlled safe environment with the necessary tools to achieve the learning goals agreed upon for the duration of the internship

Intern benefits from an International Internship Program

  • Students are seeking opportunities that stimulate their interests and provide real‐world experiences.
  • Ensure the assignment of challenging projects and tasks.
  • Provide projects that complement academic programs and/or career interests.
  • Give broad exposure to our organization (as a chance for them to personally develop and explore career possibilities)
  • Receive adequate, reliable, and regular supervision and mentoring

Working Hours and Time Recording: each intern has to fill in the attendance record/timesheet and submit it to HR with the acknowledgment(countersignature) of a supervisor. Full time is normally (5 working days per week) working hours are 8 hours (09.00-18.00) with a 1-hour lunch break (12.30-13.30), however, flexible hours and a hybrid working model can be applied

Allowance and Benefits:

  • To support intern students who join the IVL Internship Program at the Head office.
  • The company shall provide them with a living allowance, accommodation, and air tickets under the prevailing company policy. (conditions applied)
  • Intern qualifications: At least 18 years old
  • In 3rd or 4th year of college graduate program or pursuing a bachelor and master degree
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA of a bachelor or minimum
  • Good command of English communication
  • Be enthusiastic, eager to learn, initiative, positive, 3.00 GPA of master level and confident

How to Apply

Students can apply within the above said deadline referring to this advertisement via:

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For any queries regarding to IVL International Internship Program, please send email to ivlinternship@indorama.net  . 

Please also note that student applicants who wish to have credited internships should inform their school coordinators and eeo@ait.asia.   if student are accepted by the company.

At a glance

Company: Indorama Ventures PCL

Deadline : 12/31/2022

Duration : 3 months

Allowance: Paid

Target Field :

MBA Program

Location : Thailand

About Company

Phone: +66-2661-6661

Website: http://www.indoramaventures.com

Email : ivlinternship@indorama.net