Internship Opportunity at Geoinformatics Center of AIT

About GIC

Geoinformatics Center (GIC) is a leading Remote Sensing and GIS organization in South East Asia. Recognizing the emerging importance of spatial technologies and the potential future demand for skilled professionals, GIC was established in Asian Institute of Technology in 1995 (in the beginning GIC was called GIS Application Center – GAC) .  The aim was to create an environement that would help the need of the region in term of short-term training courses that are tailored to address potential applications in the regions. The initial financial support was provided by UNEP/RRC-AP. In 1997, a joint collaboration of AIT with the Asian Association of Remote Sensing (AARS) saw the birth of its twin, the Asian Center for Research on Remote Sensing (ACRoRS) with a primary responsibility of carrying out Research and Consultancy works. Activities of this twin institutions or Center are synergistic and complementary. In the year 2004, these two centers were brought into one umbrella and named as Geoinformatics Center (GIC) of AIT.

GIC of AIT is looking for intern students for joining its current efforts on development of mapping drones.

What intern-students will gain:

  • Hands on experience on building drones for mapping
  • Access to our drone lab during the period of internship
  • Student assistantship may be available for well performing interns
Responsibilities of intern-students:
  • Building a VTOL (vertical takeoff and land) drone
  • Custom designing and building necessary parts for drones
  • Integrating RTK/PPK GNSS receivers
  • Developing and implementing a module to transmit telemetry data over 3G
  • Field testing – Flight performance / Mapping accuracy

How to Apply

On-line Application available at:

At a glance

Company: Geoinformatics Center (GIC) of AIT

Deadline : 03/20/2020

Duration : 3 - 6 months

Allowance: Paid

Target Field :

Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Location : Bangkok

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