Internship at GIBSIN Engineering

The Gibsin Engineerings Ltd., (GIBSIN) is a Taiwan U.S. joint venture engineering company based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company is an engineering consulting company which specializes in the planning, design, and supervision work of thermal power plant. Their five businesses are as follows:
  1. Power Generation
  2. Material Handling
  3. Transmission & Distribution
  4. Environmental Engineering
  5. Transportation
The internship program is for one AIT student from Taiwan who is interested. 
You may check the following website for further information:

How to Apply
If you are interested in this internship, please send your CV asap to (deadline by 5 July, Friday) and it will be will forwarded to the AITAA Taiwan Chapter who will coordinate with Gibsin company.
At a glance

Company: GIBSIN Engineers, Ltd. (GIBSIN)

Deadline : 07/05/2019

Duration : Not Specified

Allowance: Not Paid

Target Field :

No specific field of study

Location : Taiwan

About Company

Phone: +886-2-2916-0061


Email :