2021 BNU Online Chinese Language Program (Scholarship)

To help Chinese learners who are unable to study Chinese in China to complete their study plans, Beijing Normal University is now offering an online teaching program funded by International Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship. Chinese Language & Culture College of Beijing Normal University is a national base specialized in the teaching and research of Chinese as a second language. The reasonable curriculum arrangement and excellent teaching method enjoy high reputation among international students.


  • Different Levels of Classes & Small Class Teaching
    Students will be placed in appropriate classes according to their language level. Each class will have no more than 10 students, to ensure that each student has appropriate teaching content and sufficient practice opportunities.
  • Strong and Committed Teachers & Full Range of Curriculum
    Highly experienced and fully professional teachers are arranged to help students to thoroughly improve their Chinese.
  • Teaching Assistant and & Language Buddy
    To help students overcome the difficulty in communication and improve their Chinese, BNU will allocate a teaching assistant to each class and arrange a language buddy for each student.
  • Cultural Emergence & Feeling China
    The content of the course is combined with traditional culture, so that students can understand and feel China while learning Chinese.
  • Integrated Teaching Platform & Flexible and Convenient Study Mode
    Integrated Teaching Platform will be used to help students study online and review courses, upload assignments, download learning materials, etc.

Study Period

2021 one semester program: March – June, 2021

Funding Target

  • Non-Chinese citizens outside China;
  • Applicants who are in good physical and mental conditions, with good academic performance and conduct, good physical and mental health, good character and learning;
  • Applicants who are interested in engaging in Chinese education, teaching and related work;
  • Applicants between16-35 years old.

Funding Content

Applicants who meet the admission requirements can participate in the online teaching program of International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship free of charge.

Scholarship Categories & Qualifications

Chinese Language Study : 210 points and above in HSK Level 3.

How to apply?

Attention: After being approved in International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Application System, you will be notified to submit application in Beijing Normal University International Student Online Service System by Admission Office of BNU. Please pay attention to email notification from BNU.

Application deadline: December 31, 2020

1. Register and log in to the Scholarship application system: http://cis.chinese.cn/account/login

2. Fill in the application form.
Please choose “One-Semester Study Online” as Scholarship Category. Choose the
Duration of study and choose “Beijing Normal University” as host institution.

3. After filling in and uploading all the application materials, click the “Submit” button.

4. Go back to view the application information and follow the progress of the application


Application Inquiry
E-mail: nondegree@bnu.edu.cn
Tel:+86-10-5880 5563

Course Inquiry
E-mail: lihuan@bnu.edu.cn

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Types:Further Education

Date : 12/31/2020


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