How do you know whether you need a career counselor? Does any of the following situations sound like yours?

  • I am still confused about how to plan my career.
  • I don’t have work experience then how can I get a good job?
  • I want an excellent CV but how do I make time from these assignments?
  • I am nervous about going for an interview, how do I practice for one?
  • I am already in my final semester and I feel lost about my career plan!…Someone help me!!!
  • Does my education background promise good jobs in future?
  • I don’t feel motivated and I lack self confidence in applying for jobs. Who should I talk to?
  • I already have a job back home waiting for me but how can I start to plan my career if I want to make a career change in future?”

and the list goes on and on…….

If any of the above sounds familiar, we believe you may be able to benefit from a career counseling session.

Our career counseling session has various modules:

  1. Researching on career options
  2. Exploring the whole range of professional positions you can apply for depending on your qualifications, interests and job preferences
  3. Researching on the companies you are interested in- benefits, career development, etc..
  4. Researching for further education opportunities